We hope these simple little cards will help you develop a wonderful relationship with the children in your home. The cards are designed to both encourage and challenge children in a fun and unique expression of love and support. You can put them in a backpack, on their pillow, in their lunch box or leave them on the table with an after school snack.

There are 10 Themes with 5 cards for each Theme. Applicable scripture is printed on each Theme card. There is plenty of room to sign all the cards. You will notice a few cards for you to personalize with appropriate names or behaviors. You can create your own message with blank cards located behind the last Theme card. Can you imagine the smiles these cards will create? This is a great way of “Watering what you want to see grow!”

Included with Kids Cards:

  • 10 themes
  • 50 cards of encouragement
  • 5 blank cards for you to customize
  • Preview card

Please call Dick Siever at 719-685-6808 for quotes on orders larger than 20 sets of Kids Cards!